Music Play Patrol

The Music Play Patrol program is the perfect fit for your school’s curriculum, catering specifically to early education centers and elementary students in grades K-5. Our services are second to none, providing an exceptional learning experience for your students. We visit schools throughout the Philadelphia region, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Northern Maryland.

Early Education & Preschools

Music has been shown to stimulate brain development, and our early education program is tailored to work with children as young as three months old. Our infant-toddler program encourages growth and development through songs and activities that promote gross motor skills and language. Our preschool program introduces children to basic musical concepts such as tempo and dynamics, through challenging movement activities, musical storytelling, drumming, various instruments, and music from around the world. What sets our program apart is that children are exposed to a range of instruments, including many from different countries, like the didgeridoo, and unique electronic instruments such as the theremin or stylophone. Each class lasts for 30 minutes and may have up to 20 students in each group.

Elementary Schools (K-5)

When schools are facing budget cuts, music and creative arts programs are often one of the first to be impacted. However, at Music Play Patrol, we strongly believe that every student deserves access to music and creative arts education. Our K-5 program specializes in providing general music enrichment services to private and charter grade schools. In addition to general music enrichment, we also offer ensemble classes such as choir and band. Our program can be integrated into your school curriculum, or we can visit for after-school enrichment. Each class is 30 minutes long and is based on the standards set by the Pennsylvania and National Association for Music Education.

Curriculum is focused on building and development

open group
Gross Motor & Movement
Instrument Exploration
Music Appreciation
Music Technology
Instrument Lessons/Band

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Why Choose Us?

As a minority-owned music and sports enrichment company, we understand the importance of quality education for all students. Unfortunately, budget constraints often prevent schools from offering music and fitness programs that enhance a child's creativity and physical well-being. That's where we come in. Our experienced team of instructors provides affordable services to schools in need of music and fitness programs. By working with us, schools can offer their students the opportunity to learn and grow in an enriching environment. Join us in our mission to bridge the gap caused by budget restrictions in schools.