Mister Boom Boom

Mister Boom Boom, also known as Frank Coates, is a highly accomplished music educator, multi-instrumentalist, children’s author, and proud owner of Play Patrol.

Passionate Educator & Advocate

Mister Boom Boom has dedicated over twenty years to music education and is a passionate advocate for children’s musical development. His YouTube channel, Mister Boom Boom’s Music Room, captivates over one million viewers monthly, introducing children to the world of music and percussion. When not leading local music classes, Mister Boom Boom performs engaging drum and storytelling shows at school assemblies and libraries nationwide. With expertise in early education and creative arts, he is available to speak at conferences, workshops, and professional development events to share his effective methods for working with children. Continue scrolling to discover more about the impactful services offered by Mister Boom Boom!

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School Year Services
Summer Camps
Public Speaking
School Assemblies

Library Performances

Are you looking for an exciting and affordable way to enrich your community’s musical education? Look no further than our musical storytelling program, designed to work with libraries and bring top-quality music education sessions to your area. Our featured programs, including African Drum Circle, Bucket Drumming, There’s Something in My Closet (book reading), and our upcoming 2024 featured program, Going on an Adventure, are sure to captivate and inspire your audience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ignite a passion for music in your community!

Mister Boom Boom Library

Library Performance
$ 259
30-40 Minute Performance
  • Up to 50 students indoors per session
  • A travel fee of $3.00/mile is applied for locations more than 25 miles away
  • Call our office to receive a custom quote if you are located outside of the Philadelphia region
  • Discounts are available for booking multiple shows at your location or with the library system

School Assemblies

Are you searching for an unforgettable school assembly experience for your students? Look no further than Mister Boom Boom’s engaging assemblies. Featuring interactive elements, plenty of dancing, and the opportunity for students to play instruments, Mister Boom Boom’s assemblies are a hit. The African Drum Circle program, a favorite among students and teachers, incorporates West African hand drums and gets everyone moving to the beat. This program is suitable for students of all ages. For a captivating storytelling-based experience, consider “There’s Something in My Closet” program, inspired by Mister Boom Boom’s children’s book. This program imparts valuable lessons on honesty and confidence-building through positive affirmations, complete with unique electronic instruments and voice effects that students love. Additionally, Mister Boom Boom can tailor programs to complement any existing theme. Register below or complete the contact form to discover more about Mister Boom Boom’s school assembly programs.

Mister Boom Boom Assembly

Djembe Drum Circle Assembly
$ 499
45 Minutes
  • Maximum of 200 Students
  • Each additional show is $399.99
  • Students learn about West African drums and have a drum and dance circle
  • A travel fee of $3.00/mile is applied for locations more than 25 miles away

Summer Camps

Experience the excitement of Mister Boom Boom’s captivating performances at your summer camp! With 30 minutes of non-stop fun, up to 25 students can immerse themselves in the world of music and explore a variety of instruments. Don’t miss out – secure your spot now by selecting your program options or reaching out to us through the contact form for more details.

One Hour Summer Camp

Mister Boom Boom Performance
$ 349
60 Minute Performance
  • Up to 25 students per 30 minute session
  • Sessions can be split into two 30 minute performances
  • A travel fee of $3.00/mile is applied for locations more than 25 miles away
  • Must be located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, or Maryland

Two Hour Summer Camp

Mister Boom Boom Performance
$ 499
120 Minute Performance
  • Up to 25 students per 30 minute session
  • Sessions can be split into four 30 minute performances
  • A travel fee of $3.00/mile is applied for locations more than 25 miles away
  • Must be located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, or Maryland

Birthday Parties

Get ready to kick-start the ultimate party experience! Mister Boom Boom will set the tone with energetic movement songs that will have everyone on their feet. Our personalized guitar and ukulele sing-alongs will get the whole crowd singing along in no time. The interactive drum circle is always a hit, and our parachute activity is the perfect way to wrap up the festivities. But the most memorable moment of the party will be the special rendition of “Happy Birthday” performed exclusively for the guest of honor!

Mister Boom Boom Party

Party Performance
$ 349
30-45 Minutes
  • Performance is 30-45 minutes depending on age and number of children participating
  • For children ages 1+
  • A travel fee of $3.00/mile is applied for locations more than 25 miles away
  • Must be located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, or Maryland

Professional Development

Attention educators! Are you searching for exciting ways to bring music into your classroom? Look no further than Mister Boom Boom’s professional development workshops. Led by Frank Coates, also known as Mister Boom Boom, these workshops offer invaluable insights for early and elementary education educators. Topics covered include Rhythm in Early Education, Musical Storytelling, and Bucket Drumming, designed for both music educators and general education teachers. Mister Boom Boom’s clinics are renowned for their engaging and interactive nature. Frank shares a wealth of knowledge and experience, providing educators with practical ways to incorporate music into their classroom. Not only will you learn something valuable, but you’ll also have fun doing it. In addition to his music-based workshops, Frank is available to speak on additional topics including minority business ownership, entrepreneurship, organizational leadership, and motivational topics.

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Check Out the Mister Boom Boom Shop

Are you a fan of Mister Boom Boom? If so, you won’t want to miss the amazing offerings at the Mister Boom Boom shop, where we have a fantastic selection of apparel, instruments, books, and more. 

There’s Something in My Closet – HARDCOVER
Hay Algo en mi Clóset – SPANISH SOFTCOVER
Mister Boom Boom Drumsticks Aqua (pair)

Miss Chrissy loves to jump around with her students! Being a Mister Boom Boom-designed program, the Sports Play Patrol activities often involve drumming and music based movement 🥁🎶 #playpatrol #sportsplaypatrol #physicaleducation #preschool #kindergarden #kidssports

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"This is me singing "Taba Naba," a movement song from the Torres Strait Islands. I loved performing with my friends at the Public Library of Enid and Garfield County Library in Oklahoma! Thank you to both libraries for having me. I hope to revisit the great state of OK soon!" ...-Mister Boom Boom

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This movement song is called "The Grand Old Duke of York!" 🎶🎸 #playpatrolcompany #misterboomboom #movement #preschool #kindergarden #musicclass #musiceducation #preschoolmusic #preschoolmusicclass

Make your own music with our 3-pack Wooden Hand Drum Kit with Mallets! Available for purchase on the Mister Boom Boom's Play Patrol Shop 🥁 #playpatrol #misterboomboom #drumkit #playpatrolcompany #musicplaypatrol #drumcircle #musiceducation #instrumentsforkids

Mister Boom Boom is singing the "Green Grass Grows All Around" Memory Song! In this activity, students use their imaginations to grow their favorite things on a tree 🌳🎶🎤 #singalong #memoryactivity #misterboomboom #playpatrolcompany #musicforkids #musicplaypatrol #musiceducation ...#campfun #preschool #kindergarten #activitiesforkids

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Little Red Riding Hood Song ❤️🐺🎶 #playpatrol #misterboomboom #playpatrolcompany
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Why Choose Us?

As a minority-owned music and sports enrichment company, we understand the importance of quality education for all students. Unfortunately, budget constraints often prevent schools from offering music and fitness programs that enhance a child's creativity and physical well-being. That's where we come in. Our experienced team of instructors provides affordable services to schools in need of music and fitness programs. By working with us, schools can offer their students the opportunity to learn and grow in an enriching environment. Join us in our mission to bridge the gap caused by budget restrictions in schools.