About Us

Our history, vision & mission

A Passion For Education That Has Never Wavered

In 2010, Frank Coates launched our company under the name Learn Listen Play. He started Play Patrol with a clear mission: to provide high-quality music education to early education centers and schools that lacked a full-time music program. Unfortunately, budget cuts during the 2008 financial crisis resulted in the elimination of many music and creative arts programs. Play Patrol was founded on the belief that every child, regardless of their background or school district, should have access to a high-quality educational experience.

We have grown significantly since then. What began as a service for a few child care centers in Philadelphia has expanded into a full-fledged school year program that extends throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Northern Maryland. We even offer nationwide services through Mister Boom Boom, which includes school assemblies, library performances, and special events. Our program has expanded beyond just music education to include sports and physical education.

We have also established Play Patrol Media, which features children’s books, music that is available to stream on all major platforms, and our YouTube channel, Mister Boom Boom’s Music Room, which has an impressive average of 500,000 views per month. Our commitment to providing high-quality educational experiences to young children has never wavered.

Learning Through Play

Introducing children to the joy of music and movement is an incredible privilege. At Music Play Patrol, we know that music is more than just notes on a page; it’s an expression of the heart and soul. That’s why we never use recorded music in our sessions. Our instructors are not just teachers; they’re professional musicians who infuse their passion into every lesson, introducing students to instruments and music from around the world.

Sports Play Patrol is not your typical sports program. We believe that movement is about more than just physical activity. That’s why we’ve created a unique movement program that combines sports, yoga, animal flow, gymnastics, and martial arts. Our program is not seasonal – it runs year-round, indoors or outdoors. And we don’t charge by the student. Our billing is simple and straightforward, so we can focus on what we love – helping children develop a love of movement and music that will last a lifetime. Join us today and see the difference that Music Play Patrol and Sports Play Patrol can make at your school!

Founder & CEO

Meet Frank Coates, an accomplished music educator and professional pianist who has taught music in various educational environments for over a decade. Children from around the world fondly refer to him as Mister Boom Boom. Frank’s extensive experience in early childhood education has equipped him with the skills needed to inspire and engage young learners. He began his career as a Music Coordinator for the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia and has held leadership roles at the Boys & Girls Club of Allentown and Head Start of the Lehigh Valley. Frank attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Composition from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He also earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland University College. His specialization in contemporary piano and orchestration has earned him acclaim in the industry. Frank is a proud, married father of two little ones. With his passion for music and dedication to education, Frank is the perfect choice for inspiring the next generation of musicians.

Our History of Commitment to Young Students

The curriculum aims to

Expose children to the world of music and movement

  • Standards Our early education and K-8 curriculum is based on state and National Association for Music Education standards focusing on music appreciation, vocabulary, technology, and demonstration.
  • Creativity We strive to help each child find their own talents through introducing a variety of art forms and movement activities.
  • What We Provide We provide all of the instruments and materials for the Music and Sports Play Patrol classes.
  • Movement Music makes us wanna dance, so our classes promote creativity through dance and movement.


Mister Boom Boom was so great! We had kids of all ages and everyone had a good time. Even the adults were drumming and dancing. My daughter loves music and was dancing and clapping and singing the whole time 🙂 We would highly recommend Play Patrol!

from GigSalad Reviews

Learn Listen Play was the prime entertainment for two separate birthday parties - one for my son and one for my daughter (different ages). Frank was great to work with - he understands what is interesting and appealing to different age groups and he keeps them entertained! The kids have so much fun! From an adult perspective, Learn Listen Play is very professional and on time. I can't recommend Learn Listen Play enough!

from GigSalad Reviews

Miss Chrissy loves to jump around with her students! Being a Mister Boom Boom-designed program, the Sports Play Patrol activities often involve drumming and music based movement 🥁🎶 #playpatrol #sportsplaypatrol #physicaleducation #preschool #kindergarden #kidssports

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"This is me singing "Taba Naba," a movement song from the Torres Strait Islands. I loved performing with my friends at the Public Library of Enid and Garfield County Library in Oklahoma! Thank you to both libraries for having me. I hope to revisit the great state of OK soon!" ...-Mister Boom Boom

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