Music Instructor

Miss Gabby

Gabby is a seasoned music therapist with 6 years of experience in playing, singing, and dancing with kids. She is a graduate of Temple University and is proficient in both piano and guitar, with a special fondness for the ukulele. Aside from her musical talents, she also delights in sports, gardening, and hiking with her canine companion. Having spent 5 years in the Pacific Northwest, she is eager to be back in the Philly area!

What Parents Say?

The African drums show is truly amazing. We had a group of 18 toddlers (3 year old's) and absolutely all of them had a great time and were really happy. They were dancing, singing and laughing a lot. We, as parents, were very happy to see our little ones having so much fun!

from GigSalad Reviews

I am very passionate about building strong core skills in kindergarten and want students to have the support and resources they need to be heroes. I love seeing the tremendous progress made by students in these early years!

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